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About Us

Who we are

Who we are

Hope for the Nations is a non-profit, Christian organization. We count on a ministry of ambassadors that serves children, older people, and families in Venezuela's most impoverished area. As we help them, we bring the gospel nurturing not only with physical needs but we spiritual needs as well.

We began our work formerly in 2018. In 2020 we started with a series of sustainable programs to bring solutions while bringing God's Hope.

Our Beginning

Hope for the Nations was born from the desperate situation that the people of Venezuela are experiencing, an economic crisis so deep that it brought with it

  • a lack of food
  • hospitals without supplies
  • an increase in abandoned children
  • an increasing number of people eating from garbage dumps
  • a great, unprecedented exile in this Latin American country

I felt the need to help those in such an overwhelmingly difficult situation. It was necessary to bring hope to people who felt hopeless by sharing the hope we have in Christ. We can take a bad situation and be the hands and feet that the Lord uses to turn it into something good and special. My hope is for our brothers in Venezuela to know and embrace “The Hope” and to know that God has NOT forgotten this nation.

We plant the seed in them, and we hope this seed flourish and give back their fruits. All these projects aim to help people be sustainable because we do not want to treat the problem; we are looking for long-term solutions.

Our Mission

At Hope for the Nations, we are dedicated to fostering sustainable change in the lives of low-income families and children across Venezuela. Our mission is to empower, educate, and uplift communities through the Word of God.

We believe in the power of economic empowerment to transform communities. By supporting sustainable programs, we empower families to create sustainable livelihoods, fostering economic independence and resilience.

Our Vision

Hope for the Nations desires to preach the Gospel and make the Word of God known in every corner of Venezuela, that there be more witnesses to his love, fidelity, and mercy every day.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Luzbell Wood Founder of Hope for The Nations, is from Venezuela and currently resides in Tennessee, US. Where she serves youth students teaching and sharing God's word.

Her passion has always been to help and serve others, which lead her to found Hope For The Nations, where her and her family have been dedicating to help unfortunate communities in her home country Venezuela through God's word and donations received she shares Hope and opportunities to the needed.

Founder Luzbell Wood

Leadership Team

Aimee Wood

Aimee Wood

Carla Montano

Carla Montano

Ana Salcedo

Ana Salcedo

Venezuelan Team

Nancy Valera

Assist. Director Development

Lerymar Castillo


Barbara Poncio


Lizllisay de Lopez

Assist. Director Finance

Yliana Sosa

Legal Dpt

Eladio Lopez


Cecilio Olivo

Communities affairs

Hugo Valera